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6 Valentine's Day Gifts That Go Beyond Chocolate and Roses

6 Valentine's Day Gifts That Go Beyond Chocolate and Roses

By Intermountain Healthcare

Feb 8, 2019

Updated Aug 8, 2023

5 min read

6 Valentines Day Gifts That Go Beyond Chocolate And Roses

If you’re tired of giving the same old gifts every Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start thinking outside the box (of chocolates). Here are six ideas to help make your spouse or significant other feel loved this month.

1. Time

Flowers might be a big gesture, but the gift of time is even bigger. Make an effort to spend time with your sweetheart. Take the day off. Leave your phone in the car. Plan a date that’s more than just a movie on Netflix. Be with them. The attention and time together will make anyone feel loved.

2. Experiences

Although it’s easier to pick up something at the store, giving your significant other an experience-based gift will be more memorable. Sign them up for a cooking, dancing, or health class. Get them tickets to see a favorite concert or comedian. Plan a vacation with them. You’ll build memories rather than spend money on things that will be forgotten in a week.

3. Hobby gifts

Most of us have, or would like to have, a hobby. For this Valentine’s Day, give your loved one the opportunity to develop that hobby. Purchase supplies. If it’s something they’re interested in, they may have their wish list already. Spy before you buy. Gather info on what they might need or want that relates to a favorite hobby.

4. Make life easier

Is your wife a new mother? Let her sleep in. Do the laundry and dishes. Is your boyfriend going to college? Make him freezer meals he can easily pull out on a busy night. Everyone has things on their to-do list that could be checked off by a loved one. Think about how you can make their life easier.

5. Write a letter

In the age of email and text messaging, it’s easy to let your communication with your significant other become short and to the point. Sit down and do something old-fashioned. Write a letter. Express appreciation for all they do for you. Tell them how you feel about them. It’ll help remind you of all the reasons you want them to be your Valentine, and it’ll help them feel loved.

6. Make them something

You have talents. Use them to create something beautiful for your Valentine. Write them a song. Build them something with your woodworking skills. Knit them a blanket. Taking the extra time to create something specifically for your significant other makes it all that much more special.

Whether you’ve been with your Valentine for 10 years or 10 days, you can energize your Valentine’s Day gift game. Move beyond the regular expected gifts and give them something customized to them that they’ll never forget!