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    Healthcare is Personal - 8 Stories of Healing

    Healthcare is Personal - 8 Stories of Healing


    Explore the full Intermountain Annual Report to the Community

    8 Stories of Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible®


    Extraordinary Care Quad Style


    Improving Life With Diabetes


    Giving Alex a New Heart


    Brain Implant Helps Control Epileptic Seizures


    Heart Health is a Lifelong Journey


    3D Printing Technology Helps Save Linda's Kidney


    Rapid Stroke Response  


    Heart Failure Pathway Lowers Death Rates, Improves Life


    The 2016 report’s theme—Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible®—is Intermountain’s Mission and the focus of all we do. Our report includes examples of how Intermountain providers and caregivers are working ‘upstream’ to improve health and prevent illness, how we provide leading-edge medicine at an affordable cost, and how we use new digital resources such as TeleHealth to reach people and improve care. We’re innovating and transforming healthcare in exciting and personal ways.