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The Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day

The Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day

By Author Name

Apr 24, 2019

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read

The Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day

April showers might bring May flowers, but what are we supposed to do until then? Just when we think we’re out of the rainy season, April tends to have one last hurrah. But that’s OK because we’re here to help you make the most of a rainy day while you’re holding out for sunnier days.

Build a Rain Gutter Racing Boat

Rain Inline 1 

There’s no better way to take advantage of a street full of water than with a gutter boat. Put on your crafting hat and build a little boat with whatever materials you have handy — waxed paper, food trays, juice boxes, buoyant wood — the list goes on. All you need is a base, a mast (maybe a pencil?) and sails of your own design. It’s a great activity for kids, and racing against each other only adds to the fun! Here’s an example guide to get you started.

Read a Comic Book

Rain Inline 2

Everyone always says that rainy days are the perfect opportunity to crack open a good book — but let’s try something different. When was the last time (if ever) you enjoyed a comic book? In the last couple of decades, graphic novels and comics have gained a lot more credibility as literacy-boosting tools and effective storytelling media.

Get Creative With Your Workout

Rain Inline 3

Oh you thought a rainy day could only mean it’s time to get cozy? Well, you could — there’s nothing wrong with that. But it also provides an opportunity to use your home in a way you might not normally use it: as a gym. Why not work up a healthy sweat while it’s wet outside? Then afterward, you can reward yourself with a little movie marathon. Win win.

Meal Prep for Sunnier Days

Rain Inline 4

Once the sun finally comes out to stay for good, you won’t want to spend your time inside toiling over a hot stove. So use your gloomy days to cook a few days’ worth of well-balanced meals that store well in the freezer. That way, when you come home sun-baked and tired from a long day of outdoor activities next month, you can simply pop something in the microwave and feast.

Hand Write Some Letters

Rain Inline 5

Handwritten letters are almost a lost art form in this day and age — so why not surprise someone with a heartfelt message? It only takes about 10 minutes to put together a postcard or short letter, and just imagine the payoff when your friend opens up their mailbox and there’s something besides junk mail! 

Organize Your Closet

Rain Inline 6

OK sure — it’s not the most fun of our ideas, but it’s definitely rewarding. A cleaner closet means a more carefree mind, and who could say no to that? You might even fill up a box to donate to your local second hand store which means less clutter for you and more clothes for those in need. Plus, once you clear away some space you’ll have more room for an optimal hide-and-seek spot.

Knock Out Projects You’ve Been Putting Off

Rain Inline 7

You know that leaky faucet in the bathroom or that cabinet handle that wiggles? Today’s the day to knock those rickety DIY projects off the list! There’s something to be said for that feeling of accomplishment gained from completing a task. And if you need a little extra motivation, try downloading this addictive to-do app.

Take a Moment for Yourself

Rain Inline 8

Instead of being bummed out about the downtime a rainy day can bring, try focusing on what you want to achieve. Whether it’s taking a moment for meditation or intentionally planning with a vision board, you deserve some dedicated me time. 

Become the Baker You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Rain Inline 9

Put on your oven mitts and make the kitchen your playground! From savory and scrumptious to deliciously dessert-driven, you are the captain of your own culinary ship. If you’re a novice in the kitchen, this is your chance to start from square one and try out a simple recipe step by step. If you live with others, you’ll also be doing them the favor of filling your home with wonderful smells and, if all goes well, treats too.

How are you spending your rainy days this spring? We want to hear all about how you get down when it downpours. Tell us in the comments below!