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Use These Baby Sleeping Strategies from Real Moms

Use These Baby Sleeping Strategies from Real Moms

Use These Baby Sleeping Strategies from Real Moms

For new parents, sleep can be a hard thing to come by. During the first months of the child's life, they have to sleep a lot and they are constantly adjusting their sleeping needs as they grow older. Is there a magic solution? No! But we did our best and went right to the source to ask some preschool moms what sleeping strategies and techniques they employed with their little ones.


Were there any specific sleeping techniques that worked for you?


Lindsey - Kiddos ages: 3 and 1 years old

We followed the 5 S’s, specifically the shushing (white noise) and swaddling in the first few months. Other than that, we had a pretty set routine and followed baby’s cues by putting him down drowsy and allowing him to fall asleep on his own. Our second baby followed a similar pattern and the only adaptation is that we introduced a dream feed for a few months.


walking sleeping baby


Cara - Kiddos ages: 3 and 2 years old

I definitely employed a dream feed and my kids still sleep with white noise. Other than that, we moved them pretty early into their crib and out of the bassinet. We swaddled them and used all manner of bouncing tactics (a fitness ball seemed to work best when they were really fussy). Also, the one great tip I got from my mom was around the middle of the night during feedings and diaper changes, don't make eye contact or be too engaging. It worked for us and my kids generally fell right back asleep.



Were there any techniques that you created yourselves?


Katie - Kiddos ages: 3 years old and 6 months

I have followed my instincts with our two kids, which is to keep them close. Both babies have slept in our room for at least the first six months, either in a bassinet or crib next to our bed.


Did you follow any nightly rituals?


Lynn - Kiddos ages: 3 years old, 1 year old, and newborn

We do nightly baths and go to bed pretty much immediately afterwards. With a bottle or nursing right beforehand.


Corinne - Kiddos ages: 4 and 1 years old

Turn down the lights around the house before bed to signal nighttime to baby, say goodnight to things as we walk baby to the room, then we read a simple book and sing songs. We put them down awake and drowsy when possible.


What do you wish you would have known before trying to get your newborn to sleep?


Stacey - Kiddos ages: 5 and 1 years old
Being a mama of two, my first word of advice is to remember that every child is different, so different techniques may need to be employed with each child. My oldest crashed out easily to white noise and loved his rocker, the second one... not so much.


Lynn - Kiddos ages: 3 years old, 1 year old, and newborn

I think consistency is the key. If you are always on the go, your baby will not have a routine or a good sleep schedule.



Just remember: Every child is different and some techniques that work for one family might not work for yours. Find what works best for you and remain consistent.