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    Bariatric Patient Thankful For Surgery: 'My Life Is So Much Better'

    Bariatric Patient Thankful For Surgery: 'My Life Is So Much Better'

    Bariatric Patient Thankful For Surgery: 'My Life Is So Much Better'

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    Michele Robey had struggled with weight her whole life. Nothing seemed to work, so she gave up managing it. It wasn’t until a life-altering brain tumor removal that made her serious about losing weight. “I was dedicated to being healthy,” said Michele.

    In college, Michele began rigorous fitness training. This included a personal trainer, regular gym attendance, and healthy eating. She consulted doctors when she wasn’t getting the desired results, and they asked her if she had thought about weight loss surgery.

    Michele did her research and met with Dr. Katayun Irani, Bariatric Surgeon at Lutheran Weight Loss Center. “I very much knew what I was going to ask her for,” said Michele. “I had looked at success stories, I had looked at failure stories, and why they failed.”

    “Michele really has this wonderful, really bubbly personality, and she came in determined to lose weight and do great with it,” said Dr. Irani.

    Michele got a sleeve gastrectomy, where about 75 percent of the stomach is removed, and the remaining part is formed into a banana-like structure. She committed to the program, and right off the bat, lost more weight than average.

    Dr. Irani encouraged patients to fully engage with the program, like Michele. “We’re here to help everybody lose weight,” said Dr. Irani. “We’re here to support you in whatever means you may need.”

    Prior to the operation, Michele wanted to be healthy before getting into a relationship. Less than two months after the surgery, she met the love of her life. They are now engaged.

    “My life would be so different had I not picked this route,” said Michele. “I just want to say thank you so much to that team.”

    “If you’re struggling to lose weight, we have multiple tools including a medical weight loss provider, the dietitians, the therapists,” said Dr. Irani. “We’re all in-house and we’re all talking to each other, because ultimately, our goal is to take care of you.”

    Ready to start your own weight transformation? Learn more about weight loss and bariatric services at Intermountain.