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    Be active: Prevent heart disease

    Be active: Prevent heart disease

    What are the benefits of physical activity?

    Individuals who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight live about 7 years longer than those who are inactive.  Benefits of physical activity includes improved blood circulation, help with weight management, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, releases tension and manages stress and improves quality of life!
    What counts as physical activity?
    Physical activity is anything that makes you move your body and burn calories.  This includes walking, jogging, swimming or biking. 
    How can I track my exercise?
    Using a pedometer daily can help track your activity easily.  The goal is to get at least 10,000 steps per day, and should be worn with all activities. 
    Where do I get a pedometer?
    Pedometers are now ranging from basic to extremely complicated.  They can be worn as a bracelet, pants clip, even on your smart phone!  Pedometers can be purchased anywhere from a local drugstore to an outdoor retailer, even online.  The most important detail when buying one, is to choose one that you can wear with consistency. 
    How can I stay motivated?
    Choose an activity you enjoy!! Also, include an exercise partner for added motivation and social benefits.