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Busy Utah Mom Sets Sights on Better Heart Health

Busy Utah Mom Sets Sights on Better Heart Health


In Heather's own words:

So…On May 9th, I completed my first 5k in over 4 years. It was bittersweet because just 5 years ago, I had been running half marathons. After the loss of my big brother to suicide and the loss of my dad to heart surgery, in the last 4 years, I lost a lot of motivation in life. I kinda feel like I've just been going through the motions and not really loving life anymore.

This particular 5k was The seventh Annual Race for Red, put on by Utah Valley Heart & Vascular Services. The proceeds for the event went to research for Heart Disease. I always feel so much better knowing that my money is going to an organization or charity like this. Puts a little more pep in my step. I was definitely not in shape for this…in fact, it just about killed me. They had mile markers that made every mile seem like 10 miles. I ran though…well jogged…jog walked. I pushed myself. I was so sore the day after and the day after that was excruciating. I cannot believe how out of shape I am! This used to be easy for me.

I took my boyfriend, Brian, with me. Well, I made him go. He is not a runner but he is really competitive. He complained the entire drive to Provo. When we arrived at the event he started changing his attitude. The cool t-shirt and swag bag kind of lifted his spirit. His good buddy Petey joined us, too. I really loved the timing chip and to see our stats after the race. I took 8th place in my age range and Brian took 5th place. We both kept our stat papers and took a lot of pictures. Mind you, Brian was the first one to post and share photos on social media. (He had fun even though he will NOT admit it.)

I am really trying to get Brian to participate in the heart challenge with me. The day I found out I won a spot in this challenge, I had to rush him to the IMC ER because he thought he was having a heart attack. We found out that night that he has an Atrial Flutter. For a 41 year old man, it's pretty uncommon. We have been in and out of IMC for a month now. Brian for the flutter and me for the challenge. I think this 5 k was such a success and an inspiration to both of us. We realized how much fun it is to do healthy activities together. We both get competitive and start laughing when we get too serious. I am so proud of him and myself for doing this! We are already looking for more 5ks around Utah and especially the races that have a cause.