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    Connect Care Tips and Tricks

    Connect Care Tips and Tricks

    Patients are connecting with our providers using Connect Care from their couches, the drive-thru window at their local fast-food restaurant, and everywhere in between.

    5 Tips and Tricks

    To help you get the most out of your Connect Care visit, we’ve put together five helpful tips and tricks:

    1. Check that Connect Care is right for you

    Connect Care is a great way to get help for many urgent medical issues. While there are many things that can be done with a video visit, there are some things - like a full physical exam and medical testing - that can't. In some situations, a Connect Care provider might recommend going to an in-person visit to get further care.

    Here's the simple version. Is Connect Care right for:

    • Emergency Symptoms? No - In fact, you should go to the emergency room if
    - your breathing, vision, speaking or behavior are abnormal
    - you’re dizzy, weak, suicidal or homicidal
    - you have severe vomiting, diarrhea or uncontrolled bleeding
    - you have sudden/severe pain, or pain lasting longer than 2                    minutes 
    • Allergy Symptoms? Yes
    • Cough? Yes
    • Ear Pain? Maybe
    • Eye Infection? Yes
    • Lower Back Pain? Yes
    • Minor Burns, Rashes, or Skin Infections? Yes
    • Pain Medication or Other Controlled Substances? No
    • Prescription Refill? No
    • Sinus Pain and Pressure? Yes
    • Sore Throat? Maybe
    • Urinary Pain? Maybe
    • Yearly Physical? No


    Click here to learn more about why Connect Care is right for some conditions and not others.

    2. Check your expectations

    Connect Care is a new paradigm in medicine. You get real medical care, and that means you will be given up-to-date treatment options by experienced medical providers – and not every illness requires a prescription. We’re especially careful with antibiotics, as we don’t want to contribute to the antibiotic resistance epidemic (click here to read more about that). If you have a cold, earache, or other viral infection, we won’t prescribe antibiotics, but we will discuss the best over-the-counter medicines and things you can do at home to address your symptoms and help you feel better while you’re recovering.

    3. Shorten your wait time

    One of patients’ favorite things about Connect Care is how quickly they can be seen, get taken care of, and get on with their day. But even Connect Care has peak times when our providers are busy and wait times are a little longer.

    Here’s when you’ll have the shortest wait times:
    Before 8 am: Before school or work is the perfect time to call. We can help you decide if you should get a doctor’s note and stay home, or if you’re okay to go.
    Between noon and 4 pm: We don’t always get sick at convenient times. If you start to feel like you might need to see a doctor, there’s no need to tough it out until after work or after the kids get home from school. The early afternoon is a perfect time to take a few minutes and get one of our providers to help you out.
    After 8 pm: Our bodies do funny things when we’re getting ready for bed. If you start to feel sick as you’re putting on your flannel footie pajamas, give Connect Care a call and get taken care of.

    4. Improve your Connect Care visit

    The more you can tell us before your visit, the quicker we can diagnose you and get you the help you need. Fill out as many of those preliminary questions as you can. In addition to any medical history, be sure to fill out the questions about how you’re feeling in the moment. That includes things like your current temperature, attaching a picture if you have a rash, etc.

    5. Money matters

    Be sure your insurance information is up to date so you don’t pay more than required – and remember that you can use your HSA card! For now, you can only update this information on a laptop or desktop computer by logging in at and clicking on My Account.
    We always have your health and safety in mind, and sometimes the safest way to get taken care of is to be seen in person and be physically examined. If our expert providers determine you need to be seen in person to get appropriate care, they will waive the charge for your Connect Care visit.

    Connect Care isn’t exactly like a drive-thru, but hopefully these tips and tricks will help you get the care you need quickly and safely.