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Culture of Care: Workplace Violence Prevention

Culture of Care: Workplace Violence Prevention

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Apr 25, 2023

Updated Nov 17, 2023

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Culture of Care: Workplace Violence Prevention

Did you know that healthcare and social service industries have the greatest rates of workplace violence injuries, with workers being five times more likely to be injured

Intermountain Health has programs to reduce workplace violence and ensure the safety of our caregivers and patients.

"Most people don't think about workplace violence, so it's important our caregivers know we care about them and our patients, and make sure they're in the safest environment possible," said Gregg Moss, Peaks Region Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Intermountain Health.

Moss emphasized Intermountain’s priority of a well-trained staff in workplace violence prevention and response. These caregiver trainings are given throughout the year, both online and on-site. In them, our caregivers learn how to continue providing excellent patient care in situations where patients become agitated.

Our caregivers also work closely with patients and their families through the chaplaincy program, offering extra special attention and care to those who may need it.

"Our chaplains are on-call if they're not on site,” said Moss. “But most of the time they are on site and can respond at a moment's notice to someone who may need special attention or care."

In situations where patients become agitated or scared, a trained third person, such as a chaplain or nurse, can make all the difference in changing the environment. According to Moss, Intermountain has seen amazing things when patients are provided with this kind of care.

“When [patients] walk through our doors, they could be going through the scariest and worst time of their life,” said Moss. “We have to realize that we are there to help and nurture them.”

The overall message is simple: Our caregivers care for you, so please care for them.

Intermountain has a zero-tolerance policy for aggression and assault. This includes verbal assualt. We are committed to creating a #IHCultureofCARE and taking active steps to prevent workplace violence. Our patients and visitors are expected to understand the Intermountain policies and expectations, and treat our caregivers with respect.

Our commitment to workplace violence prevention is ongoing. Through our caregiver training and zero-tolerance aggression policy, we prioritize a safe space to give and receive care. With this priority, Intermountain encourages a culture of safety, respect, and care for all.