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    Eight Ways To Stay In Touch Without Touching

    Eight Ways To Stay In Touch Without Touching

    Eight Ways To Stay In Touch Without Touching

    We’re living in a time that people will read about in history books. When you’re older, you’ll bore youngsters about the days when everyone had to wear facemasks to go to the grocery store, and you were stuck at home without much to do but watch a documentary about a backwoods tiger zoo. But one of the hardest parts about it, you’ll tell them, was not being able to meet up with your friends. No lunch dates. No morning coffees. No post work happy hours.

    Humans are social creatures, so how do us social creatures stay in touch with one another, without being near? Fortunately we live in the age of technology, which opens up a worthy substitute: video chat. But if you’ve run out of things to talk about, keep reading and we’ll give you more ideas for how to stay in touch.

    Video Call

    This one is obvious. Ring them up on your phone or computer and start chatting. Backgrounds and filters can make the experience more fun. Just make sure you don’t accidentally immortalize yourself as a potato.

    Virtual Game Night

    Bored? Try a board game. We’re pretty sure that’s where the name comes from. There are websites where you and your friends can play games online for free. Poker and classics like Scattegories and Words with Friends (Scrabble) are often available for free on the app store.

    Stream Movies

    Watch Netflix with friends from the comfort of your own living room. Bonus, one friend won’t be able to hog all the popcorn. Looking at you, Tonya. Learn how to do it here.

    Send Letters

    Checking in with someone is even more special when you write it with your hand and not just your thumb. Try sending a loved one a letter and you’ll stir up more emotion than an emoji could ever convey.

    Virtual Workouts

    For some reason, working out seems even more difficult when all you have to do is get off the couch. Find a workout buddy to help keep a routine going. Many companies like Corepower Yoga and Peloton have apps for you to download daily workouts.

    Virtual Book Club

    Meeting up with your book club is even easier now that you don’t have to worry about driving home after having a couple glasses of wine. Just setup a free zoom meeting and chat with your fellow book worms.

    Cook Together

    Now that you have more time, this is a perfect opportunity to up your kitchen game. Cooking a recipe with a friend over video chat is a fantastic way to catch up and also make sure you don’t accidentally mistake a teaspoon of salt for a tablespoon.

    Having someone to talk to during this difficult time can really make a difference in one’s day. So whether you’re writing a letter, or simply texting a funny gif, make an effort to reach out to your friends and family.