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Fall Is a Great Time to Run

Fall Is a Great Time to Run

By Patricia Davis, MS

Nov 12, 2018

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read

Fall Is a Great Time to Run

As summer comes to a close, the foliage and beautiful autumn climate makes being outside a dream for many runners. Although most of us think about summer racing season as the best time of the year for running, don't make the mistake of stopping when fall comes. Here are some things runners can do to take advantage of beautiful fall weather.

Break in new shoes

Chances are, your summer running schedule has left your old running shoes a little worse for wear. Instead of breaking in new shoes at the gym this winter, break them in outside during the fall. Enjoy the beautiful weather while you're "training" your new shoes.

Break your records

With summer being the typical heavy training season, fall is perfectly set up to be the time of year you break your personal records. Set some goals and then watch yourself crush them. You'll be surprised how much longer and faster you can go after a summer of running.

Run a race

While races in the summertime are usually hot and quick affairs, a fall race can be a nice change of pace. Sign up for a 5k or a 10k. Enjoy the beauty that fall brings to your running courses. Bask in the cooler, more pleasant weather. If you're feeling festive, take advantage of one of the many fall-themed runs. While you're at it, bring along a friend that wouldn't normally race with you. Your non-racing buddy may be more willing to do a race that's themed, and you'll both have a good time.

Whether you're crushing your goals, breaking in new shoes, or enjoying the changing leaves, don't let the cooler weather this fall keep you from running. Take advantage of the beauty outside and hit the pavement.