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Find Relaxation in 5 Minutes

Find Relaxation in 5 Minutes

By Anne McDevitt-Cummins

Aug 15, 2016

Updated Jul 13, 2023

5 min read


Much of relaxation comes with elements of mindfulness. Being in the present moment, fully, without giving into internal or external distractions is a key element to both mindfulness and relaxation. So watching TV does not count as relaxing time!

First let’s grab any free moments we can, even if it is only five minutes, and go to a place where you feel happy, safe and grounded.  It could be your deck, a particular chair or spot in your house, or a bench in a park. 

  • When you sit, acknowledge that you are there to take some time for relaxation.  This signals your brain to slow down and sets your intention. 
  • Imagine becoming heavier in your feet and seat, which start the relaxation response. 
  • Become aware of your breath and where you feel it in your body.  There is no right way to breathe, but you might find that the more you can drop into your relaxation, the more you feel your breath in your belly. 
  • Your shoulders might drop and relax, even your jaw will release.  All you have to do is keep bringing your awareness back to your breath. 
  • You might want to shift to each of your 5 senses and become fully immersed in each sense one at a time. 
  • What does the chair feel like on your legs? What do you hear and how far can you hear? What do you see - the shapes and colors? What taste is in your mouth right now? What do you smell?

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Many small moments like this add up to a lot of relaxation!  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you! To get additional tips on how to improve your relaxation and stress in your life, call the LiVe Well Center at 435.333.3535 to schedule an appointment with our Certified Well Coach, Anne McDevitt-Cummins.

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