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Heart Health

Four Weight-training Exercises to Build Bone Density, Increase Muscle Strength, and Increase Cardio

By Meagan Kline

May 14, 2015


As women, it is important to start fighting this weakening before the problems arise.  With our moms, we're trying to incorporate healthy lifestyle behaviors to pass on to their families and fight some of these lesser-known risks of inactivity. 

Regular exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise can help counteract these problems.  Weight-bearing exercise includes, walking, climbing stairs and weight training.

Here is a quick circuit to incorporate some weight training into your daily life to increase bone density, increase muscular strength and increase cardio.

For each exercise, set a timer for 30 seconds, and get as many reps in as possible.  Rest for 30 seconds and move to the next exercise.  Repeat up to 7 times. 

  1. Jump Squat: This strengthens the lower body as well as adds a level of cardio and pounding that strengthens bones and muscles.
  2. Lat Pull-Down with Resistance Band: It is important to balance out the strong muscles of the chest and train for proper posture.
  3. Step-Back Lunge with Lateral Lunge:  Another exercise to add not only flexibility, but strength around the hip and knee joints.
  4. Lateral to Frontal Shoulder Raises:  Make sure to not rush this exercise, and allow full range of motion.  Feel the burn!

I demonstrated two of these exercises on a recent segment with Fox 13 News.