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    Free Behavioral Health Navigation Service is available to anyone feeling emotional distress due to COVID-19

    Free Behavioral Health Navigation Service is available to anyone feeling emotional distress due to COVID-19

    Intermountain Healthcare is offering a free Behavioral Health Navigation Service for anyone who needs mental health support related to COVID-19.

    Mental wellbeing is central to Intermountain Healthcare’s mission at all times, but especially right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has many factors – dramatic changes in lifestyle, unpredictability, social isolation – that can create and exacerbate stress. Intermountain has established the Behavioral Health Navigation Service because we know that in order to care for ourselves and others, we need the strongest possible emotional footing. 

    Here are some frequently asked questions about the hotline and how it works:

    QUESTION: How does the Behavioral Health Navigation Service work?
    The hotline is a free resource for health professionals and community members who need emotional health guidance during these uncertain times. Callers are connected with a trained caregiver who can provide appropriate self-care tools, peer support, treatment options, crisis resources, and more. As far as we know, no state has ever offered the public a service like this that brings self-care, at-home support, and crisis resources together in a single, digitally-enabled way.

    QUESTION: When is the hotline available for all Utahns?
    It’s available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The phone number is 833-442-2211. Interpretation services are available. 

    QUESTION: Who answers the Behavioral Health Navigation Service?
    Care Navigators and Care Coordinators from Intermountain Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Clinical Program, and Castell Health, Intermountain's new comprehensive health platform company support the Behavioral Health Navigation Service. Our caregivers are trained in supporting, guiding, navigating, and connecting patients to health care resources and service options across the State of Utah and at Intermountain Healthcare. We don’t provide diagnostic patient assessment, medication management, or psychotherapy. However, we help patients understand different options related to mental wellbeing and behavioral healthcare.  

    QUESTION: How much does the hotline cost?
    The service is free. For some callers, we may recommend referrals to treatment options that follow regular billing practices. Some of those resources may offer financial assistance or be covered by insurance, which will be explained when the person reaches out. But calling the hotline is completely free. 

    QUESTION: Who should use the Behavioral Health Navigation Service?
    We welcome all callers, whether someone feels mild emotional stress or has more intensive levels of mental health need. 

    QUESTION: Can those who feel more comfortable speaking Spanish call the hotline for support? 
    Yes, we offer free interpretation services for people who speak Spanish and 19 other languages.  

    QUESTION: Do you have any general tips for staying mentally healthy during this unusual time?
    First, is caring for ourselves. Get some exercise, even if it’s just a short walk. Try to maintain routine. Find a balance in how you consume news, and look for intellectual engagement in places other than the internet. Remember the activities that bring you joy and try to continue them in some way. 

    Second, stay connected with people you love using technology. Don’ self-isolate. It’s normal to feel a lot of different emotions right now and it’s important to talk with people you trust.  

    Third, try to remember that things will get better eventually, and back to normal. The world is not coming to an end. People are good and will help each other get through this.