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    Growing pains during pregnancy are normal

    Growing pains during pregnancy are normal


    Growing Pains

    You’ve heard about morning sickness, but no one ever told you about this one: round ligament pain.

    The cause:
    There are ligaments in the pelvis, called round ligaments, which are attached to the uterus and cradle it. As the uterus grows, the ligaments resist being stretched and create pain. Picture a tightrope with too many tightrope walkers on it. It can feel like a sharp pain on one or both sides in the lower pelvis and can occur at any time. This condition is common and may even appear in the first trimester.

    The relief:
    While uncomfortable and seemingly alarming, you can try comfort measures to ease this painful event. It is important to stay hydrated by drinking more water, as well as trying heat packs or warm baths. As your baby grows, you can sleep with a pillow under your belly. Daily gentle 5-10 minute stretching and twisting from side to side while lying on your back can help offer relief. Prenatal massages and prenatal yoga are also beneficial.

    When to worry:
    If these options don’t help, the pain persists, or you are concerned, contact your provider for further evaluation.

    If you ever have questions or concerns during your pregnancy, we invite you to speak with your healthcare provider. To find a provider near you, you can visit

    Enjoy your pregnancy.