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    Healthy Ways to Approach Your Winter

    Healthy Ways to Approach Your Winter

    Healthy Ways to Approach Your Winter

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a little “me time” to get cozy on the couch and watch a few movies. But it’s all too easy to fall into a lazy routine day after day during the colder months of the year. So to help you transform into a true winter warrior, we’re providing a few different ways to approach the season with gusto and grace.

    Keep It Cozy Inside Your Home

    Winter Inline Puzzle 

    Let’s face it — the bitter cold can be a bit too much to bear some days. For that reason, we have some helpful indoor suggestions to make your winter warmer.

    • Sip on Homemade Cider: An earlier article suggested cocoa, so this time we’re giving you an alternative: good ol’ apple cider! It’s been around for centuries, and you can find all sorts of simple recipes like this one here.

    • Host Regular Get-Togethers: If the weather makes it difficult to get outside with your friends and family, double down and be the one who brings everyone together for some fun. Find even the simplest reason to gather (board game night, beer sampling, etc.) and share an evening with your loved ones.

    • Pick Up a Puzzle and a Pal: It doesn’t matter how old you are — puzzles are a fun way to pass the time and might even be linked to some serious brainy benefits. But we all know they can be frustrating when you’re working alone, so grab a pal and get cracking on your very own 1,000 piece masterpiece.

    • Get Your Winter Workout On: Don’t let the hard work you did last year be for nothing by becoming a couch potato. And if you weren’t on a workout regimen before this, now’s the time to start! We even have a whole list of workouts you can do right at home — no gym necessary.

    • Bake Low-Cal but Delicious Cookies: We would never ask you to deprive yourself of baked goods when it’s cold outside and so warm and cozy inside. But to ensure you don’t overindulge, we suggest taking a look at some healthier low-cal options that are still packed with flavor. 

    Venture Out Into a Winter Wonderland

    Winter Inline Walking 

    Once you’ve checked weather conditions and bundled up, it’s time to go outside and soak up the chilly beauty of winter. For a comprehensive guide on being prepared for harsh winter conditions, give this government website a good once-over.

    • Go Snowshoeing in the Untouched Outdoors: It’s amazing how different and beautiful the outdoors are with a fresh blanket of snow covering the ground and dotting the trees. If you’ve never taken a stroll through the woods in snowshoes, strap ’em on and get going ASAP!

    • Visit Natural Hot Springs: There’s something about the contrast of cold air and soaking in hot water that makes a winter hot springs trip magical. Soaking in sulfuric hot springs also comes with a whole slew of health benefits, for those seeking stress relief and more.

    • Put Together a Pickup Hockey Game: Nothing gets the blood flowing like a good old-fashioned neighborhood hockey game. If your area has a frozen lake, you could try ice hockey, otherwise roller blades and rubber balls will do you just fine.

    • Be a Great Neighbor to Someone: OK, it may not be the most fun thing to do, but if you shovel your neighbor’s walkway unsolicited, you will definitely earn at least a few brownie points. Not to mention you might even be rewarded with actual brownies or some other tasty treat.

    • Tell Everyone You’ve Gone (Ice) Fishin’: Why wait for warmer weather when nature’s bounty awaits just under the ice? All you need is some determination, warm clothes and the right tools. If you’re totally unfamiliar with ice fishing, this guide can help you get started on the path to catching and cooking fresh-caught fish even during the winter months.

    Look Inward When It’s Cold Outside

    Winter Inline Reading 

    Sometimes the best time for personal growth is when there’s nothing else to do, so get on your way to self betterment.

    • Document Why You’re Grateful: Sure, Thanksgiving is awesome. But it shouldn’t be the only time of year to sit back and reflect on the positivity in our lives. By keeping a gratefulness journal or sending letters to those who we’re thankful for, it helps to remind us how good we have it.

    • Volunteer Your Time to Others: Around the holidays, we’re reminded to volunteer our time to the homeless or participate in a food drive. But with some added effort, that generous spirit could be kept going well throughout winter. Check in with your local assisted living home, soup kitchen or any other nonprofit organization you feel passionate about to see what opportunities await.

    • Start a Top-Secret Book Club: It doesn’t have to actually be top secret — that just sounds cooler. But while you’re snuggled up at home, wouldn’t it be fun to read the same book as a few friends and family members to discuss over snacks and drinks? If that sounds appealing, maybe you should pick a new book from The NY Times best-seller list and get started.

    • Follow Through With Your Resolutions: Maybe you promised yourself to make a grand change. Or perhaps you followed our advice and strove to drop the all-or-nothing approach and take small steps toward a better you. Either way, now’s the time for a check-in to make sure you’re doing what you set out to do!

    • Start Learning a New Language: It’s never too late, and with free apps like Duolingo, it’s easier than ever to pick up a new language. Plus, the benefits of being bilingual include increased memory and multitasking skills. And who couldn’t use those?