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    Heart-healthy Change is a Life-long Roller Coaster Ride: Enjoy the Journey

    Heart-healthy Change is a Life-long Roller Coaster Ride: Enjoy the Journey


    Sixteen moms reported in for week 11 of the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute’s My Heart Challenge: Moms Edition, play at home version. See what they had to say about their experience.

    “It has motivated to keep me exercising as well as increasing my exercise. I now do 4 days per week of moderate intensity and try to walk daily after dinner (which helps me to cut down on evening snacking). I have not lost a lot of weight (about three pounds), but I have not gained weight, which has been an issue the last year since I turned 50 years old.” (Aileen)

    “Been great to have the support of a bunch of other women going through the same daily grind as me.” (Debi F)

    “The challenge is keeping my thoughts about what I eat & why vs just eating because it is there.  I have maintained & not gained weight during a very stressful time.” (Veronica)

    “Heart Healthy = Heart Happy.” (Deb G)

    “Being part of the at-home challenge has given me the incentive to keep pushing forward.  I am officially down 1.5 sizes and am finally seeing the results that I have been working towards (and hoping for) for years.  Reporting in weekly keeps me on track.  I also love the “resources” provided.” (Becky)

    “This experience has given my inspiration to work towards getting into better shape overall.  It has helped me take a second look before eating fatty, fried, unhealthy foods.  It has challenged me to try and create healthy habits now as I get older and things are starting to slow down.  I look forward each day to the postings of the other moms for ideas and inspiration.” (Jenny)

    “The My Heart Challenge has kept me accountable.  I report each week and if I haven't done as well one week, it motivates me to do better the next.” (Kim G)

    “I have had a real rough time. Good thing is I have become a lot more aware of what and how much I eat. Some days I forget to eat. I would like to think I make better choices.” (Brittney)

    “It has kept me accountable and given me perspective. “(Molly)

    “I didn't realize that just small changes could have such a big impact.” (Arriann)

    “Great motivation and inspiration! Nice feeling like we were all in this together.  Thanks for assisting us on our journey toward better health!” (Jennifer)

    “The My Heart Challenge made me more aware of my physical activity level and I learned easy ways to be more active. “(Rachel)

    “My experience so far has been a Rollercoaster. I started out doing really awesome, making lifestyle changes and tracking food everyday and really looking at my steps non-stop and joining challenges with friends, it was great. I hit a plateau when my spouse had emergency appendix surgery and we started the process of buying our first home. It was stressful and time consuming and we pretty much lost motivation. Old habits starting coming back and it's been a real challenge to pull back into focus on the challenge.”  (Elaina)

    “I've become more aware of things I need to do to make life-long changes for a healthier life.” (Amy)

    “My great experience with the heart challenge is seeing how my family together step by step are learning how to be healthy and they have me as an example is great.” (Claudia)

    “The My Heart Challenge came at a time when I really needed a change. Fitness has become my passion!” (Kimberly)

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