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How To Create An Attitude of Gratitude

How To Create An Attitude of Gratitude

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Nov 16, 2020

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read

How To Create An Attitude of Gratitude

The importance of gratitude in our lives can’t be overstated. The state of being in appreciation is truly a powerful practice and can lead to a more fulfilling and happy life both day-to-day and overall. Those who regularly take the time to practice gratitude experience better sleep, stronger immune systems, more positive moods and a more energetic day. What’s even better, these positive benefits are easily attained through very simple practices. 

Start Small

Appreciation Inline 1

To build the wave of thankful momentum, start by noticing all the little things that you’re grateful for. The hands that brush your teeth, the teeth that bite your food, the food that nourishes your body, your body that keeps you alive, the life that lets you experience things like brushing your teeth. Start a cascade effect and soon you’ll start to look at more things in a positive way. 


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Putting positive thoughts onto paper is a powerful tool. The more we can make appreciation tangible, the better. Writing down all things you’re thankful for, or even just a few, can get us into the routine of being grateful for what we have. Once we start to appreciate and acknowledge the things that we’re so glad to have, we’ll start to notice even more of them. 

Share Your Appreciation

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Thinking about and writing down the things we’re grateful for leads us to the actions. When we share our thanks with others, we can give this emotion even more power. Our relationships with others are a main determinant of our happiness, so let them know just how grateful you are for them. Expressing your thanks through words or actions will build healthier and more stable relationships, creating even more opportunities for appreciation. 

These are just a few ways to incorporate more gratitude into your life. The more we can focus on the things we have instead the things we don’t, the more fulfilled and happier we’ll be. Try expressing your gratitude and sharing with others this holiday season.