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    How To Go From A Night Owl To An Early Bird

    How To Go From A Night Owl To An Early Bird

    How To Go From A Night Owl To An Early Bird

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    Believe it or not, you’re either born a morning person or not. While your “chronotype,” or natural inclination to the time of day is passed down through your DNA, it doesn’t change the fact that you might be forced to wake up at the crack of dawn. Here’s a few tips to make you a somewhat passable morning person.

    Ease in to an earlier bedtime

    No need to rip off the bandaid from your night owl wings. Start slow, even just 20 minutes earlier per night until gradually building up to farmer status.

    To be in rhythm with your clock, be in tune with the light

    Your body’s natural clock is sensitive to light changes. When it’s bedtime, only expose yourself to night lights or amber colored light bulbs. Avoid blue lights from laptops and smartphones.

    Practice calming rituals

    Deep breathing. Stretching. Aromatherapy. Reading books. Meditation. Whatever calms your nerves, get in the habit of doing it before bed. And doing it regularly.

    Put bad eating habits to bed

    Night owls eat meals much later in the evening. They also skip breakfast, eat fewer vegetables, and drink more caffeine and alcohol. For starters, eat dinner earlier and with a few more veggies.

    Sweat with exercise. So you don’t sweat the morning

    Exercise is very beneficial to shifting your sleep patterns. But do it early in the day. If you wait until the evening, your post workout energy might crave a few more reps. 

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