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    How to Keep the Whole Family Healthy This Year

    How to Keep the Whole Family Healthy This Year


    Be a drill sergeant about washing hands

    It gets so old telling kids to wash their hands, doesn’t it? However, it is worth it when your whole family is staying healthy. I always remind my kids to wash their hands. It is what keeps the family healthy because we’re not bouncing germs around.

    Practice healthy habits all the time

    When it comes to your whole family staying healthy, you have to practice healthy habits all the time. Washing hands here and there or eating healthy only once a week isn’t going to do anything, you must be persistent.

    Talk to your kids about staying healthy

    A lot of times parents get sick from germs their kids pick up. I like talking to my kids about being healthy. They are starting to understand what life is like when mom and dad are out of commission. Plus, I’m not so sure they like being sick either.

    Make sure everyone is pitching in with cleaning

    Another great way to keep the whole family healthy this year is by having a clean home. Disinfecting is a huge thing to keeping a sick free house. Wiping down countertops daily, sweeping, and not letting bacteria build up can all contribute to a healthy household. I like to get everyone involved in this process of cleaning and disinfecting.

    Rest when you are sick

    Almost everyone gets sick at some point or another. To not stay sick, you need to rest and get better. If you don’t rest, your body won’t heal, and you will be sicker even longer. The key to getting healthy is to rest up.

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