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If you’re feeling like you need to drink more water, you’re probably right

By Karlee Adams

Jun 14, 2017

If you’re feeling like you need to drink more water, you’re probably right

With so many other drink options available like coffee, juice, and your favorite diet soda, you might not think about reaching for a glass of water — and your busy lifestyle may make it difficult to drink enough water on a daily basis. But the benefits of drinking enough water are clear.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is an essential ingredient to a healthy life. You can’t live without it. Water helps you transport nutrients through your body, digest food, regulate your body temperature, control kidney function, flush out toxins, and prevent pain and sickness. Having enough water in your body will also help to prevent fatigue, boost productivity, control your calorie intake, and clear up your skin.  Ultimately, your body will function better when you’re drinking enough water.

Easy Ways to Fit More Water Into Your Diet

Fitting more water into your diet is easy to do. With a little planning, drinking more water doesn’t even have to take a lot of time. Here are some tips to do just that.

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Flavor it

If you hate how water tastes, flavor it. You might get a little bored with water if you’re just drinking it plain. Dress it up. Infuse your water with fruits like citrus, watermelon, or herbs like mint or basil.

Find an App

When it comes to getting enough water in your diet, don’t forget your phone. Apps like Waterlogged (iPhone) and Water Your Body (Android) can help you to track your water intake and remind you when you need to hydrate throughout the day.

Water it Down

Love juice? Try drinking your lemonade with more water. Fill half your glass with lemonade and half with water. That will allow you to get the water you need with the sweetness you crave.

Set Specific Times to Drink Up

Make a habit of drinking a glass of water at specific times throughout the day. For example, you could make a goal to drink a glass of water every time you have a bathroom break, or before every meal.

Use a Water Filter

One great way to make water more appetizing is to filter it. There are many different filters, from those that filter your water from the tap to your portable water bottle. Whatever filter you choose, just make sure you use it. It can be disappointing to have a bulky water filter sitting in the fridge if you never take a drink.

Reach for Water-Rich Foods

It’s easy to overlook food when you’re trying to get more water, but certain foods will increase your water intake. When you eat broth-based soup, watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, or grapefruit, you’re actually eating foods that have a high percentage of water in them.

Mark a Water Bottle or Jug

With everyone trying to get more water in their diets, companies are selling water bottles with ounces or hours marked on the side that let you know how much you need to be drinking daily. You can also do this with a regular jug of water or a water bottle you mark yourself. Just having the reminder will let you know how much to drink and how many times you need to refill.

Whether you hate drinking water or just find it difficult to pour in enough, drinking water is good for your body and your overall health. Taking just a little extra time every day to drink more water will leave you feeling both healthy and refreshed.