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    Lower-body Exercise Circuit you can do at Home

    Lower-body Exercise Circuit you can do at Home


    Circuits are a great way to keep your heart healthy. Plus, you can change things up every day to help add some variety to your workouts so you don't get bored. This lower-body workout will help get you started, and each week I will share some additional exercises or circuits you can use for your exercise routine to keep your heart healthy. 

    Once you have done a 2-3 minute warm up, start the following exercises:

     - 10 Burpees (you can watch the video below if you aren't quite sure how these are done)

     - Rest 10-30 seconds

     - 10 step ups (you can start with your bottom stair at home and work up to a large sturdy box as you progress)

     - Rest 10-30 seconds

     - 30-second wall sit

     - Rest 10-30 seconds

     - 10 lunges on each leg

     - Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat the circuit two to three times

    If you aren't in a position to do all 10 reps, start with five and over the coming weeks, work your way up to 10 reps. You can also hold weights on some of the exercises if you want to make them a little tougher. 

    Before starting any exercise program, but sure and check with your doctor.