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    Make Your Own Calming Mind Jars For Kids

    Make Your Own Calming Mind Jars For Kids

    Make Your Own Calming Mind Jars For Kids

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    Mind Jars are a form of meditation for children and can be made very easily with household items. If your child is frustrated, highly energized, or having trouble focusing, have them shake a Mind Jar and take some deep breaths as they look into the jar. These jars can be very soothing and calming for young children who need help relaxing.

    Karen Vizyak, Director of Physical Medicine at Platte Valley Medical Center provides a quick tutorial on Mind Jars in the video below.

    To make your own Mind Jar, simply mix the following ingredients into a sealable jar.

    • Glitter
    • Glitter Glue
    • Warm Water
    • Food Coloring

    We recommend gluing the lid of the jar shut for safety.

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