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More About Targeted Therapy Medications

More About Targeted Therapy Medications

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A specialty pharmacy sends a one month's supply of the medication to a person's home.  Pharmacy agents work with patients to arrange shipping dates and renewals. 

Targeted therapies can be expensive. There are various options for financial support. Pharmacy companies have patient assistant programs. There are also organizations that offer co-pay assistance for qualifying individuals. In some situations, the medication may be provided free of charge.

Organizations that can help:

Needy Meds ( offers a discount card for all prescription medications. There are no qualifying requirements. The company also has a searchable database for disease specific programs. Search by diagnosis or for state or nationwide assistance programs.

Patient Access Foundation ( helps people living with some cancers and other chronic diseases. Grants to help cover co-pays are available.

Two other helping organizations are Good Days ( and Cancer Care (​

Targeted therapies are changing the way cancer care is delivered. Taking medications as prescribed is now the responsibility of the patient. Potential challenges and solutions are discussed in Home Strategies for Taking New Medications.