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    #MyLiVeWellGoal is more than just a hashtag

    #MyLiVeWellGoal is more than just a hashtag


    Five Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Salt Lake County want to help people keep at least one of their new year's resolutions. Employees, patients, volunteers and visitors throughout Intermountain Medical Center, LDS Hospital, Riverton Hospital, Alta View Hospital and TOSH are sharing with the world, or at least those on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, what they have set as a goal to accomplish in 2014. 

    "My faster half-marathon time is 02:01:27, but I want to run one in under two hours," explained Lisa Bagley from Intermountain Medical Center. "My first opportunity to accomplish this will be in April at the Salt Lake Half Marathon." Once seeing her photo on Instagram, she added, #NowIamcommitted.

    One of the big questions people have asked about the #MyLiVeWellGoal campaign is, "Why are people doing this?" The answer: because people are more likely to keep a New Year's Resolution of they make it public and get their friends, colleagues and even strangers cheering them on.

    Not everyone at the hospital will have the opportunity to share one of their goals on the green sheets of paper, but that shouldn't stop anyone from sharing their goal and recruiting support via social media channels. Anyone can take a selfie (or have a friend take a photo of them) announcing one of their goals in 2014 and share it on a social media channel with the hashtag #MyLiVeWellGoal. 

    A collection of everyone involved with the hashtag can be seen in Instagram, which may help spark some ideas of goals you can set in 2014. 

    Here’s to a healthy and successful 2014. #runningallthetime #nosodaforme #eatingafruitateverymeal #lookout2014 #completingamarathon #drinkingmorewater #thisismyyear #goingforhealthyin2014 #weareallinthistogether #doesshovelingsnowcountasexercise


    Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake shared a great video about the overuse of hashtags, so if you're looking for a little laugh, and to see them set a world’s record for most hashtag references in less than two minutes, check out their video. Some of the highlights: #showmethecookie, #lololololololololol, #quackquack, and two references to Barney: #purpleisthenewblack and #iloveyouyoulovemewereahappyfamily.