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NAVICAN Opens New Precision Cancer Care Center in Historic Salt Lake City Building

NAVICAN Opens New Precision Cancer Care Center in Historic Salt Lake City Building

By Courtney Kirkham

Jan 31, 2018

Updated Nov 17, 2023

5 min read

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In November 2017, NAVICAN held the grand opening of their new Precision Cancer Care Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The NAVICAN Precision Cancer Care Center, PC3, breathes new life into the Felt Building, an historic downtown structure built in 1909. The Felt Building introduced new construction techniques to the city, being the first concrete and steel office building in Salt Lake. Now, the building will continue its legacy of leading-edge technologies – serving as a next generation, cancer genomics sequencing facility and patient services center. “Cancer is an old problem, and this is an old building. NAVICAN puts a new face on both of them,” says Ingo Chakravarty, president and chief executive officer of NAVICAN.

NAVICAN, an Intermountain Healthcare company launched in October 2016, utilizes advancements in precision cancer care to connect late stage cancer patients with targeted therapies. Their comprehensive service called TheraMap™ helps patients and oncologists access the technology, clinical recommendations, and therapies they need to improve cancer outcomes and reduce costs.

The company firmly believes all patients deserve access to precision cancer care. The launch of their new Precision Cancer Care Center will allow them to increase the volume of patients and clinicians they serve. PC3 holds two state-of-the-art labs where genetic samples will be prepared, sequenced, and analyzed. In addition, there is a dedicated patient navigation and care suite as well as working and meeting space for the NAVICAN team.

The grand opening event was a celebration of Intermountain and NAVICAN’s commitment to never stop innovating for our patients. “Thanks to the work of many people in the room – our leadership, our board members, our governance, our caregivers, our innovation crew – Intermountain is economically strong,” says Marc Harrison, MD, president and chief executive officer of Intermountain Healthcare. “This allows us to invest in things that are going to transform healthcare. We can change it for the better and change communities for the better. NAVICAN is the epitome of what we are getting started.”

Chakravarty expressed a similar sentiment: “When we use the term precision medicine, we must be committed to providing precise medical care to all patients with advanced cancer, not just those few lucky ones who happen to be exposed to these technology and treatment options today. Precision cancer care, like we’ll provide at our new center, is for all, not for just a few. We are focused, and are now, more than ever, ready to deliver the highest quality cancer care to patients everywhere.”

The NAVICAN Precision Cancer Care Center will be fully operational in March 2018. For more information about NAVICAN, visit