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5 Facts About Research at Intermountain Healthcare

5 Facts About Research at Intermountain Healthcare


(1) We do a lot of it

High-quality care at Intermountain begins long before a patient enters one of our hospitals or clinics. It starts with innovative research. That’s why we do so much of it.

Right now at Intermountain Healthcare there are currently over 1,500 studies in the healthcare delivery system with the majority being conducted at our flagship hospital, Intermountain Medical Center, where there are approximately 480 different studies are underway. The studies are in fields as diverse as cardiology, computer informatics, pulmonary, critical care, oncology, radiation oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and neonatology, hyperbaric medicine, surgical services and more.

(2) We’re good at it

We have a few unique advantages, including an incredible computer system that includes data that dates back approximately 50 years. Clinical computing was pioneered at LDS hospital, and continues today with high-tech tools that can track and store hundreds of details per second about an individual’s condition. All that information has created a wealth of patient data that is unmatched almost anywhere in the world.

Researchers choose Intermountain Healthcare as a place to work in part because of access to data that is stored in an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and is a centrally managed. The data is aggregated, organized, structured and cataloged to facilitate population-based analyses, queries, and research.

(3) We get a lot of help

Intermountain-based research aims to consistently provide patients with the best medical result at the lowest necessary cost therefore we self fund many of our own research projects. However, our research wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of several organizations, including private entities, the National Institutes of Health, the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation (formerly known as the Deseret Foundation), and partnerships with institutes like the University of Utah, where many of our physicians serve on the faculty.

(4) It’s “applied research”

We do research to improve the care we provide to patients and to reduce the cost of healthcare services. Many of our researchers’ findings have been implemented by fellow physicians around the world. The results are real:

More people are surviving sepsis. More patients are taking safer does of blood-thinning drugs. Healthier babies are being delivered — all thanks to research done at Intermountain Healthcare.

(5) We need your help too

Research leads to important discoveries that make our lives better. If you’re interested in supporting research, consider participating in a research project.

Before you decide to be a research volunteer, get the facts: Know what’s expected of you, ask questions, know the pros and cons.

A few points to remember:

A research study may or may not help you personally. But the results may help others who have a health problem.

Taking part in a research study is voluntary.

Refusing to participate will in no way be detrimental to your relationship with Intermountain Healthcare or your physician.

Please contact the Office of Research at 801-408-1991, 800-321-2107 or at if you have questions about research in general or becoming a research volunteer.