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Soundtracks That Soothe: Create a Calm Headspace

Soundtracks That Soothe: Create a Calm Headspace

Soundtracks That Soothe: Create a Calm Headspace

Music has an uncanny ability to shift our moods drastically. We've all used the power of pump-up music to get ready for the day or go out on the town. Who hasn't used a sad song or two to commiserate after a breakup? That’s all well and good, but we’re here to talk about music that calms you down. We've put together a few artists from different genres of music that we feel will put you in a more relaxed headspace. Obviously everyone's taste in music varies, and it's impossible to cover everything, but hopefully these three categories (and their crossover genres) will be a good start to more tranquility.


Soundtracks that Soothe

Here we have a pretty broad genre of electronic-based music. For the purposes of our review, we’ve focused on the more laid-back style of electronica music. So whether you're chopping veggies at home or making your way to the grocery store, these tunes will boost your chill factor.

Air: Start floating on a cloud of loungey bliss with this groove-able, funky and seductive French duo.

Aphex Twin: This master of IDM (intelligent dance music) also releases incredibly dreamlike and atmospheric tunes.

Boards of Canada: Leveraging a wide range of field recordings and audio samples, Boards of Canada creates a lush space for introspection. 

Essential Ambient

Before there was electronica, there were artists who paved the way for future techy musicians. Rather than melody-driven music, these artists focused on experimenting with ambience and new instrumentation.

Brian Eno: A pioneer of ambient music and an award-winning producer — it’s hard not to appreciate Eno’s atmospheric soundscapes.

Tangerine Dream: Get properly zoned out with airy yet compelling music that tows the line between progressive synth rock and ambient soundtracks.

Steve Hackett: Unable to be pinned down into any one genre, Steve Hackett left Genesis to create what some might call ethereal guitar music.

Classic Hits

Sometimes we're just in the mood for a hefty dose of nostalgia and warm memories. For those moments when you want to take a trip to yesteryear (and stop stress at the source) look up these golden oldies.

The Beatles: 'Nuff said. But seriously, this mammoth of classic pop music delivers song after song of happy headspace.

Crosby, Stills and Nash: We can't go back to Woodstock, but we can revisit the bands that embody incredible, hippy-hued harmonies.

Fleetwood Mac: The singalong ability of Fleetwood Mac songs are pretty much unrivaled. Belt out some Stevie Nicks and boost your serotonin.

The New Old School

Some modern artists have a way of channeling their predecessors in the best way possible. Here are a few artists who put a fresh spin on that loveable throwback sound.

Leon Bridges: Probably the most commercially successful of a new wave of soul and R&B artists, these jams will have you groovin'.

The War on Drugs: With vocals like Bob Dylan and fuzzed-out instrumental backing, these guys know how to produce neo-psychedelia that soothes.

Dawes: Country-twinged indie rock that gets the foot tappin' while recalling the likeness of a more mellow Neil Young.


Maybe you want to dip into the pool of modern-day music. There are plenty of artists out there who make a good living by creating tunes that soothe. We've gathered a few options from chart toppers to obscure indie.

Alvvays: Echoey, dazed-out indie rock from melancholie Canadians, sure to lull you into subtle head bobs.

BØRNS: Enjoy a variety of upbeat songs that blend the sensibilities of a singer-songwriter with the accessibility of dance pop.

Mat Kearney: On the more guitar-driven, folksy side of things, Mat Kearney brings a sunshine-soaked approach to pop.

Fresh Instrumental Beats

On the modern side of electro, new artists have created some really interesting ways to blend samples, real instrumentation and electronic production.

Tycho: Tycho's tunes are caught somewhere between swooning dream pop and highly inventive dance music.

Emancipator: Rather than crank out bass-bumping hits, Emancipator focuses his skills on electronic with a meditative musicality.

Gold Panda: Fast and choppy beats lay the groundwork for bold and unconventional electronic that has some serious power to pump you up.

We've curated a Soundtracks That Soothe playlist on Spotify so you can listen to a song from each artist and see what you like best. (It's a lot easier than looking them all up, right?) Give it a listen below and let us know what you think!