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    Smart Use of Your Smart Phone in Labor and Birth

    Smart Use of Your Smart Phone in Labor and Birth


    As a labor nurse I have 5 tips on how to manage your tech during labor and birth to maximize joy and reduce stress for you, your family, and care team.

    1)   Talk with your partner and close family members about what information you want to share throughout your labor and birth experience. Social media is huge! Some patients and families embrace social media and post updates with every cervical exam, when the water breaks, when pushing begins, and at the time of birth. Some are private and don’t want details of this nature shared. Take time to think about what you feel comfortable with and make your loved ones aware of your wishes. I’ve seen some ruffled feathers when a family member was the first to share a picture of the baby or announce the arrival. This can steal your thunder a little bit, so if you have your heart set on being the first to post about it, be sure those around you understand this expectation.

    2)   Sometimes the number of calls and texts you’ll receive from excited family members can be overwhelming. It’s okay to turn off or silence your phone if it’s becoming too much. You should not have to tend to your phone, or feel compelled to respond to a text if it is causing you stress or irritation. A great idea for getting the word out is to designate one person who will forward updates to family and friends. If you feel you want to call or announce news yourself that’s great, but often there are so many people to contact that it’s nice to put someone in charge until you have more time and energy.

    3)   Be aware there may be times when staff may need your full attention. If a request to discontinue a phone call, texting, or other personal devise use is made, please know it is out of necessity and be cooperative in letting staff care for you during such a time.

    4)   If you have any special tech concerns, let your nurse know. Whether using Skype or Face Time to include loved ones, or need to have an important phone conversation, we’ll support you as much as possible. We are here to take care of you and your family.

    5)   If you plan on having a professional birth photographer or family member there to capture these memories, please be sure to let staff know and ask if they feel comfortable being photographed. Most are usually fine with it, but it’s always nice to be asked. If you have any special requests or concerns in regard to photography or videography please bring it to our attention. We want to help you make the most of this momentous occasion.

    Birth will only happen once, so let technology enhance this experience rather than detract from it. Hopefully you’ll find some of these ideas helpful in making this birth beautifully memorable.