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    Tele-Critical Care Saving Lives and Lowering Costs

    Tele-Critical Care Saving Lives and Lowering Costs


    “Intermountain created its tele-critical care program from scratch, relying on guidance from some of the top telehealth minds in the country but shying away from commercial platforms because, Beninati says, they wanted something that fit their needs and goals,” from the article.

    Beninati talked about the importance of connecting emergency rooms to specialists for critical injury or illness can help bring the best care to patients. Tele-critical care can give quicker medical responses and interventions along with extra resources available to work to save lives and complications.

    “The program has produced results. In the past year and a half, Intermountain has seen mortality rates drop by one-third in its ICU units, as well as among its community hospitals. While pointing out that the results (and the million-dollar savings) can’t be attributed solely to the telehealth program, Beninati says the program has enabled more complex-care patients to transition out of the ICU and back to their home communities,” from the article.

    The article also spoke about what the future is for telehealth, the benefits to the patients, and change within rapid response teams in smaller hospitals and clinics. Tele-critical care was launched in 2014.

    To read the full article, visit mHealth Intelligence’s website.