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The Best Foods for Nursing Moms

By Dani Kurtz

Jan 24, 2017

baby and mom

Drink lots of water

Despite what you should be eating, one of the best things you can do for your nursing body is drink lots of water. Your body will need as much water as it can get because your baby will be nursing all-of-the-the time.

Dairy products

Dairy is a GREAT food to eat while breastfeeding. Not only is dairy addicting, but it is full of calcium and good fat you need. Occasionally you’ll find out baby can’t handle dairy. If this is the case, you and your doctor can create a nutrition plan that will work well for both mom and baby. Other good nondairy options could include rice milk, tofu, and dark veggies.

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Leafy greens

I know how much you mamas hate trying to get in those leafy greens, but they’re so important. Leafy greens will help give you the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed while nursing.  Leafy greens are also a great way to help get your body back to its normal shape, just because they’re so good for you.

Lots of protein

Some will say too much protein is not good for you. However, when nursing, you need lots of protein. You’re literally feeding two people (but, don’t eat a calorie count for two people). Plus, protein can help keep your iron levels balanced, so you can keep up energy wise.

Stick with healthy carbs

It is frustrating when people think they should give up carbs. Carbohydrates are an important part of the human diet, especially a nursing mom’s diet. You can avoid the fattening empty carbs like white bread and flour. However, eating the good carbs from things like brown rice is a good thing! Getting some whole grains in there is also a good choice for the nursing mom.

For the most part, sticking with whole foods is your best bet. When you are craving something, try to make a healthier version of it. There is no reason we should all go through life avoiding things we love. What do you think are the best foods for nursing moms?