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The New Utah Valley Hospital: "It's for Us"

The New Utah Valley Hospital: "It's for Us"


Fraser’s gift was inspired by a terrifying personal experience. In the spring of 2015, while driving to work in rush hour traffic, Fraser experienced a massive heart attack. Managing to pull out of traffic, he jumped out of his truck clutching his chest as a single car pulled up to help – miraculously, it was his son-in-law. Fraser was rushed to the waiting doctors and nurses at Utah Valley Hospital. \

Within minutes of arrival, Fraser was whisked into the hospital’s Cardiac Cath Lab. Cardiologist Dr. Charles Dahl inserted a stent and cleared Fraser’s blocked artery, saving his life. Today, after spending several days in the hospital and weeks in Cardiac Rehab, Fraser is back on the job, enjoying his family, and tearing down the ski slopes at max speeds of 67 MPH.

In gratitude for his recovery, Fraser and his wife, Jennifer, directed a generous gift to help fund the new Cardiac Rehabilitation Center and to assure the project included spacious patient rooms to accommodate numerous visitors and large families.

“Our gift was not only a thank you for saving my life, but also a thank you to Utah Valley for having the foresight and courage to build the new facility,” Fraser said. “The new Utah Valley Hospital is for all of us. Sooner or later, each of us will experience the hospital as a patient or a visitor. So this is a gift to the community, to say this is for us.”

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