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Tips for Video Interviewing

By Intermountain Recruitment Team

Jul 20, 2018

A new process is being rolled out at Intermountain where candidates are given the chance to show off their personalities on screen before meeting face to face with their potential new manager. We wanted to share some tips and tricks about the process so that you can feel more comfortable while showing us why you should join our team. 

Speak Clearly and Talk Slowly

  • Before you start the interview, make sure you take a few deep breathes to relax your nerves. You’ll want to talk slower than you think you need to on camera. Make sure you speak clearly and allow yourself time to process the questions you are hearing. 
  • Maintain eye contact with the front of your camera, as this will make it seem like you are speaking directly to the person who is going to be watching your interview on the other end.
  • Speak naturally – as you want your answers to come across as genuine. 

Check Your Internet Connection

  • Before you jump into your video interview, you will want to check your internet connection. The camera should be sitting in a flattering position, and make sure you test things out before you begin the interview.

Dress for the Job You Want

  • While you aren’t necessarily doing a formal interview in person, you’ll still want to make a great first impression. Choosing your outfit for a video interview can be a little tricky. You will want to make sure whatever you are wearing isn’t being shown on camera oddly, we recommend sticking with solids. It’s smart to test the outfit you are going to wear and your internet connection all at the same time. 


This interview is just like an in person one, where we want to get to know your personality, and who you really are. Of course, knowing your work history and how your experience relates to the position is important too. Make sure you also come prepared with questions you might want to ask. 

Although not all positions will require the video interview, these are good skills to think through as we will be rolling it out to all positions in the future.