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Tips to Prevent Injuries from Fireworks this July

By Kristen Gooch RN MPH

Jun 30, 2014


Studies show roughly 10,000 people are injured due to firework-related accidents, annually. The highest risk of these injuries include age groups 10 and under, as well as 15-24, with the majority of injuries occurring to the extremities (55%). 

Protect you and your family this summer by practicing these helpful tips.
  1. Don't allow young children to play with fireworks under any circumstances. Sparklers, which are considered by many as the “safe” firework for the young, burn at very high temperatures and can easily ignite clothing. (Sparklers are the primary source of injury for children under five)
  2. Close adult supervision is always required when handling and lighting fireworks.
  3. Use fireworks in an area clear of other fireworks, combustible materials like wood and grass, buildings and other people. 
  4. Do not attempt to re-light a device that did not discharge the first time it was lit. 
  5. Never try to relight or handle fireworks that won’t light. Just soak the firework with water and throw it away.
  6. Wear tight clothing to avoid accidental contact with sparks or lighting equipment. 
  7. Store fireworks in a dry, cool place. Check instructions for special storage directions.
  8. Always keep a bucket of water nearby for emergencies and for pouring on fireworks that don’t go off.
  9. Older children should only use fireworks under adult supervision. Don't allow running or horseplay.
  10. Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.

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