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    To Take Care, Don't Delay Care: Set An Appointment Today

    To Take Care, Don't Delay Care: Set An Appointment Today

    To Take Care, Don't Delay Care: Set An Appointment Today

    Need a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant? Click here to find one near you with convenient online scheduling.

    During the first week of October, SCL Health celebrates National Primary Care Physicians Week. Primary care providers (PCP) are our first resource to a healthier life. They are the family practice, general practice, internists, and nurse practitioners who become familiar with our family history, lifestyle, and everyday needs. Many of us spend years with the same PCP, and we rely on them to provide a variety of care. And while the week focuses on the roles PCPs play, it's also an opportunity to learn what services your PCP can offer you. While they often perform routine health screenings, they also treat major and minor illness and chronic conditions, too. These physicians prescribe and manage our medications and coordinate with other specialists as part of a larger care team when serious illness occurs.

    A lot of people have put off seeing their PCP during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent surveys (American Medical Association and the Lancet Journal) find that more than a third of U.S. adults have delayed or gone without healthcare. The reasons? Many people still fear exposure to the virus; some feel getting needed healthcare services are harder to come by, and others are worried about not being able to afford care. Parents are avoiding care for their kids in nearly the same numbers for the same reasons.

    Hear from Eric Whittier, D.O., from SCL Health Medical Group - Midtown, who says skipping health care today could lead to more challenging outcomes in the future. In this video message, Dr. Whittier talks about why keeping you safe and healthy is SCL Health’s number one mission. Dr. Whittier is one of 206 PCPs that are part of the SCL Health team.