Challenges of changing to a healthier lifestyle

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​The hardest part of this competition, so far, has been...

"...eating healthy foods. It's especially hard when on vacation and the meals are made for you." - Heather Nicholas (Horizon Elementary)

"...having a virus hit me." - Ruth Peters (Peruvian Park Elementary)

"...getting to the grocery store regularly so that I have healthy foods at home." - Christy Waddell (Butler Elementary)

"...getting the food ahead of time and making sure I schedule my physical activity." - Mark Longe (St Vincent de Paul Schools)

"...eating on a consistent schedule. I've found it's easier to eat a heart healthy diet and stay within my recommended caloric intake when I eat at regular intervals. My schedule is so variable that it's difficult to stick to a regular routine." - Becky Gerber (Herriman Elementary)

"...writing down everything I eat and seeing small increments of progress for the amount of time I spend exercising." - Tracy Rose (Twin Peaks Elementary)

"...regulating my blood sugar before I changed my medication. I still am not sure that everything is going well as I am now having blood sugar scores in the high 170 range on a 7-day average. I will continue to monitor and test for frequently. Despite my score, I feel great and I have a ton of energy." - John Erlacher (Newman Elementary)

"...making sure I eat all the fruits and vegetables. I still can't use my right arm, so I have had my husband cut up vegetables and prepared them for me." - Diena Riddle (Hayden Peak Elementary)

"...not seeing as much weight loss as I would like is very discouraging. I seem to be maintaining my weight. I am not eating more than 1200 kcals/day and I am exercising and drinking water." - Karen Chatterton (Cottonwood Elementary)

"...finding the time for cardiovascular exercising in the midst of busy days." - Nikki Ward (St John the Baptist Elementary)

"...eating a heart-healthy diet. I have learned that I need to make changes in how I consume my calories. I am a nighttime eater and snacker. I have committed to eating breakfast everyday and that has been HARD!" - Sally Sansom (East Midvale Elementary)

"...finding time and motivation to exercise and get moving. I stay active, moving around more, taking more steps and watching what I eat. Tracking my food intake daily has been a big plus and I have managed to stick with it." - Cecilia Jabakumar (Arcadia Elementary)