How these principals engage their support system

022113 Friends Fam Helping WEB

​The contestants were asked to complete this sentence: "My friends and family are helping me live a healthier lifestyle by..."

  • "...eating the meals I'm fixing and getting healthier snacks at work" - Heather Nicholas (Horizon Elementary)
  • "...asking me how my progress is going and NOT asking me if I want any treats!" - Christy Waddell (Butler Elementary)
  • "...sharing heart-healthy recipes and providing general encouragement." - Ruth Peters (Peruvian Park Elementary)
  • "...going to the gym and swimming pool with me. They are also encouraging me by joining me in my fitness goals. It's very motivating when you know you can inspire others." - Tracy Rose (Twin Peaks Elementary)
  • "...bringing my exercise bike into our great room so I can exercise to my heart's content. Chloe, my Yorkie, tries to sit on my lap for a few minutes, so I guess she is also encouraging me. My kids keep telling me to keep at it, and parents at my school have mentioned that they saw me on television." - Diena Riddle (Hayden Peak Elementary)
  • "...walking with me and using the MyFitnessPal app." - Nikki Ward (St John the Baptist Elementary)
  • "...exercising with me and also helping me make healthier food choices." - Brent Shaw (Canyon View Elementary)
  • "...supporting my choices when we are out to dinner or eating here at the house. My colleagues in the office didn't ply me with chocolates on Valentine's Day, once they knew I didn't want any." - Cecilia Jabakumar (Arcadia Elementary)
  • "...eating the same foods that I am without complaining. My husband bought a gym membership for both of us so we could work out together. My children are also cheering me on." - Karen Chatterton (Cottonwood Elementary)
  • "...sending me little notes from the students. One teacher wrote, "I had a little first grader come up to me and ask me to give Mrs. Sansom a message. She wanted me to tell her that she is doing what Mrs. Sansom is doing to exercise her heart and getting healthy with her friends. They are having a contest between them.'" - Sally Sansom (East Midvale Elementary)
  • "...encouraging healthy food choices and allowing me time to exercise. My family is helping me out around the house so I have time to focus on myself without feeling guilty. Valentine's Day gifts were NOT chocolate or food items, either." - Becky Gerber (Herriman Elementary)
  • "...encouraging me to eat a healthy diet and asking me about my progress." - Mark Longe (St Vincent de Paul School)
  • "...providing encouragement and being willing to exercise and walk with me." - Lynne Rada (Bennion Elementary)