Social support is key to success

Exercise Buddy WEB
​In the first weekly updated provided by the 15 school principals competing in the My Heart Challenge, we asked them to fill in the blank: "My biggest supporter throughout the challenge will be _____________."

As you read their responses, think about the family and friends you would want behind you as you make a goal to become healthier. 

Cecilia Jabakumar (Arcadia Elementary) "My biggest supporters will be my husband, my daughter, the office staff, teachers and students, fellow principals and my friends." 

Christy Waddell (Butler Elementary) "My daughter is by far my biggest supporter."

Karen Chatterton (Cottonwood Elementary) "My husband and family will be my biggest supporters. They are trying to make heart-healthy changes in their lives as well, especially my husband."

Brent Shaw (Canyon View Elementary) "My family is by far my biggest support. My school office staff have also stepped up and helped me."

Ruth Peters (Peruvian Park Elementary) "My daughter is my supporter."

Becky Gerber (Herriman Elementary) "My family is encouraging me every day. They exercise with me and make sure food temptations are kept to an absolute minimum. When I express a craving or frustration, they are quick to offer positive suggestions in a loving, albeit firm, tone. It is apparent they want to see me succeed. The students are all about the competition. When talking with a group of older students last week about the My Heart Challenge, one young man shouted, 'WE can so win this thing. You go, Mrs. Gerber!' The support of the children is more motivating than I originally anticipated."

John Erlacher (Newman Elementary) "My biggest supporter would have to be my wife Marilyn, as she knows I am eager to get better control of my diabetes. She also knows how compulsive I can be regarding my exercise regiment at the expense of how I am eating."

Nikki Ward (St. John the Baptist Elementary) "My biggest supporter will be my family, especially my husband, Tom, who is active physically, and my assistant Principal Cynthia Burchett. Cynthia and I are walking daily from 1-1:30 pm."

Lynne Rada (Bennion Elementary) "My biggest supporters will be my family and my school's faculty."

Heather Nicholas (Horizon Elementary) "Sarah, my 12-year-old daughter,  will be my biggest supporter. She is exercising and eating healthy with me."

Mark Longe (St. Vincent de Paul School) "My school community, students, parents and the faculty and staff will be my biggest supporters throughout the My Heart Challenge."

Sally Sansom (East Midvale Elementary) "My biggest supporters will be my students, secretaties, teachers and my family."

Linda Richins (Clayton Middle School) "My co-workes and daughter will be my biggest supporters."

Tracy Rose (Twin Peaks Elementary) "My friends and staff will definitely be my biggest support during the competition."