Principals offer advice to motivate families

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​As the quote from Epictetus goes, "No great thing is suddenly created." But that doesn't mean it can't happen. Check out the advice from some elementary school principals, and start by making simple changes - because great things CAN be created over time.

"Plan. Plan. Plan. Don't ever leave it up to the last minute. If you do, the chances are much greater that you will stop and buy something not very healthy." - Christy Waddell, Butler Elementary
"Have fruits and vegetables regularly instead of sweets. Have your children watch YOU eating better. You can't say to do something you don't do yourself." - Diena Riddle, Hayden Peak Elementary
"Every day is a new day to be successful. Start with something small that you know you will be able to maintain, and move on from there." - Becky Gerber, Herriman Elementary
"Get up and move as a family every day. Now that we have daylight longer, it is an opportunity to get out and play or take an evening walk." - Ruth Peters, Peruvian Park Elementary
"It is possible to eat healthy even on a budget. It is also easy to find 15-20 minutes a day to exercise with the family." - Heather Nicholas, Horizon Elementary
"Make activity part of your family routine. Limit television in favor of positive activities such as reading and being physically active." - Mark Longe, St. Vincent de Paul School
"Get ACTIVE! It is really easy and fun to add cardio into your life. Encourage your kids by example." - Sally Sansom, East Midvale Elementary
"Trying to achieve everything all at once is to set up for failure. A gradual approach with a specific goal in mind will probably create a more successful implementation for a life change." - Karen Chatterton, Cottonwood Elementary
"There is no magic about it. You just dive in and eat more fruits and veggies and start moving." - Tracy Rose, Twin Peaks Elementary
"I find it most helpful to use a pedometer as a quick measurement tool. It is a constant reminder and motivator of what you have done over the course of a day." - John Erlacher, Newman Elementary
"Track what you eat. It is amazing what you put into your mouth without even thinking about what you have already eaten throughout the day." - Brent Shaw, Canyon View Elementary
"Commit as a family to planning and eating healthy at home and build more activity into your lives." - Cecilia Jabakumar, Arcadia Elementary
"One day at a time." - Lynne Rada, Bennion Elementary
"Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat "through the rainbow." - Nikki Ward, St. John the Baptist Elementary