When I'm healthy I can...

Can do when healthy
​"My addiction to sugar has been out of control for the last four months. Now I am able to turn sweets away." - Ruth Peters (Peruvian Park Elementary)

"I have more energy and am able to attend meetings without the fear of falling asleep." - John Erlacher (Newman Elementary)

"My husband and I walked nearly a mile each way from our hotel in Anaheim to Disneyland Park, plus walked all day in the park until 8 pm. There is NO WAY we could have done that a month ago." - Karen Chatterton (Cottonwood Elementary)

"I am much stronger during my workouts, both the strength training and cardio. I am also more flexible and my core strength seems to have improved." - Mark Longe (St. Vincent de Paul School)

"I am completely "soda free." My new beverage of choice is water; the colder the better. Fruits and vegetables have replaced candy and french fries." - Becky Gerber (Herriman Elementary)

"I am getting ready to increase my cardio from walking to jogging." - Lynne Rada (Bennion Elementary)

"I am able to turn down food that is not healthy for my body." - Sally Sansom (East Midvale Elementary)

"I am feeling stronger and am able to stick to eating well." - Christy Waddell (Butler Elementary)

"I am able to avoid foods more easily when I track my daily intake, so I am definitely more conscious about what I am eating." - Cecelia Jabakumar (Arcadia Elementary)

"I played a whole basketball game on Thursday without having to sub out. That was amazing." - Tracy Rose (Twin Peaks Elementary)

"I'm abe to make healthy choices as opposed to my candy and slurpee choices." - Heather Nicholas (Horizon Elementary)

"I have been able to think about food differently. If I really want a bite of something, I consider the ramifications, like writing it down. I also talk about food in a more positive way." - Diena Riddle (Hayden Peak Elementary)