Finding your healthy "go to" snack

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"I have loved the mini bags of healthy choice kettle corn popcorn. I also love string cheese or baby bell light cheese. Having veggies and fruit on hand has been a life saver. Clementines this time of the year are wonderful.  I always have one or two in my purse! For meals on the go I have used protein bars.  They keep me full and prevent me from eating the wrong things when I get hungry." - Sally Sansom, East Midvale Elementary

"Fresh fruit. Strawberries are great right now." - Ruth Peters, Peruvian Park Elementary

"Apples, popcorn, and my new favorite, Chobani bite yogurt raspberry w/ dark chocolate chips." - Becky Gerber, Herriman Elementary

"Almonds and fresh fruit." - Mark Longe, St Vincent de Paul School

"Nuts raw almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts and a few pistachio’s nuts." - John Erlacher, Newman Elementary