Ask the Expert - Common Myths of Heart Disease Webcast

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You should stop exercising if you have a heart problem
Wrong. Heart patients need exercise the most!

With exercise, more is always better for the heart
Not necessarily, endurance athletes are actually at risk for developing heart failure, arrhythmias, or even sudden death.

Only older people get heart disease
Wrong. With the growing obesity, diabetes, and hypertension rates, it is now common for young people to develop heart problems.

Breast cancer is a woman's number 1 health risk
Wrong. More women die of heart disease each year than all forms of cancer combined.

You can't escape your genes
Wrong. For most people, heart disease is a choice. Just because everyone in your family has heart disease does not mean you will as well. Heart disease is preventable.

Supplements are Good for You
On the contrary. One by one, supplements have been shown to have a dark side. The dark side of fish oil is now in the media. Vitamins C, D, and E have all been shown to cause harm - Selenium, beta-carotene, etc. There is a long list of supplements that may be harmful for you. We need to get our nutrients from real foods!



Visit at noon (MST) on Friday, August 9 and click the PLAY button on the graphic for the webcast. Dr. Day will address these common myths and take questions from viewers during the 30-minute broadcast.

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