Find the Healthy Option at Fast Food Restaurants


Take a look at the three breakfast meals in the photo above. Which one would you be more likely to order? Now guess which one is most healthy. Here's a rundown of the three meals shown:

A - Fruit & yogurt parfait + Egg White Delight = 400 kcal, 14% of your daily fat recommended for the day

B - Sausage Burrito + hash brown, lowfat milk = 550 kcal, 43% of your daily fat recommended for the day

C - Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, Large Biscuit = 1150 kcal, 93% of your daily fat recommended for the day

Ninety-three percent of your daily fat recommendation in a single breakfast! Wow!! This is just a small example of finding the more healthy options when eating out. But here are a few other tips you might find helpful:

  • Always look ahead at the menu – look at calories, total fat/saturated fat, and sodium especially
  • Aim for plate method when you order – ½ of what you order should be fruits & vegetables, ¼ should be whole grain (when possible), ¼ should be lean protein options (chicken, fish, turkey, beans, etc.)
  • Look for key words indicating healthier cooking methods = grilled, broiled, steamed, roasted
  • Avoid words indicating higher fat cooking methods = fried, battered, buttered, smothered
  • Get sauces/dips/dressings on the side.  For salad dressing see if they have lower calorie options
  • Don’t be overly hungry when you order! We are much less likely to make healthier choices.  Get a little protein snack before you go to take the edge off, like a lowfat string cheese
  • Wrap up half of your entrée before you start – out of sight, out of mind