My Heart Challenge Contestant Finds Motivation and Success


She writes,

The day the My Heart Challenge began, I had my husband take a picture of me holding a tape measure around my waist. At the time, I was thinking a couple of inches off would be a good thing. I had read that a thick middle can lead to heart problems and in all honesty, I thought this would be an easy success story to submit to the My Heart Challenge competition. When I saw what the measurement was, I cried.

I realized at that moment there was no more time for talking about going back to the gym, no more excuses, no more time to procrastinate, it had to be now! I want to be around to watch my grandchildren grow up!

Since then, and thanks to the My Heart Challenge, I’ve been running or cycling every day with the exception of Sunday; that’s the day I just walk to give my body a break. I’ve also stopped looking at the scale except for the weekly check–in. I’ve even moved it out to the mudroom so there’s less temptation.  

My husband has been extremely supportive. We eat healthier and he’s started exercising. I’m happy to report that my waist currently measures quite a bit less and I’m still going!

Now, not only am I becoming healthier and getting a step closer to watching my grandchildren grow up, I can be a positive example for each of them. My children and grandchildren will be joining me for a Color Run in Ventura, California (that is where they live) this October. That’s my definition of success!
My Goldilocks Success Story

The sky was grey on this cold, windy and rainy morning as we rolled out from the starting line……

On May 10, I was fortunate enough to join several friends on the Goldilocks Bike Ride. I had committed to myself to complete the 40 mile route (60 if the weather was decent). The morning of the ride, I was completely unsure I would be able to reach my goal. However, thanks to the encouragement of these wonderful women, my husband, and especially my friend Charlotte, I was able to reach that goal.

The weather had been looking good up until the day before the event. Then came the prediction of rain making this a more ominous task for a beginner. The wind blew in strong gusts and the rain was very cold. Trying to ride up hill in the wind and rain was a bigger challenge than just trying to conquer a hill. At one point I started counting the pedal rotations so that I wouldn’t look up to see how far I was from the top and talk myself into walking up the hill or just quitting. 

Then came the downhill ride, and what I thought would be an easy glide for at least little while. You know it’s windy when you’re going downhill and you have to pedal to stay upright!

Finally, there it was, the FINISH LINE!!!! There is absolutely nothing quite like the feeling of crossing that finish line, knowing that you’ve reached your goal.