Simple Ways to Get 10,000 Daily Steps


Go for a walk around the outside of my work building 1 extra time.  will add 2500 extra steps! :) (Karin)

I average between 12 and 15 thousand steps per day. For those who want to get more steps in to their daily routine, just walk a few extra minutes. I get stressed and will pace around the room, so that easily adds to my step total. (Tiffany)

I am trying to train for a half marathon in July so that is usually how I get my steps in. I've also been trying to take my kids and dogs for at least a mile walk everyday.  (Amanda)

I'm going to park further away from the door where ever I go. (Neva)

Take another lap around the neighborhood! (James)

I will move more during the day. I work from home so I don't get the benefit of walking around a lot during the day. I will take breaks and use those to walk outside or some other activity. (Jeremy)

I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day.  From now on, on the days that I'm lagging, I will make it my goal to get up from my desk at least once an hour and walk around my facility - that is approximately 970 steps.  I just need to remember to move more and be less sedentary at home! (Maureen)

To increase the number of steps I take this week, I will park farther away when going to the store so I have to walk farther to get into the store, use the bathroom on the 2nd floor of my work and use the stairs to get to and from it and work out an additional 5 minutes each day on the elliptical machine. (Korby)

I will take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. I will also walk around the playground while my students are playing. (Korianne)

I'm planning to exercise at least 3 days either on my bike or treadmill to get more steps in! I am also doing the Healthy Living challenge where we have to get 7000 steps in and I have been able to do that for the last 2 weeks where before, my daily steps goal was 6600. (Margaret)

I will take my dog for a walk on the days that I don't go to Zumba or the gym.  That will bring up my daily steps count. (Kelly)

The days that I struggle with getting the 10,000 steps in are the days that I do Aerobics in the mornings and walking in evenings.  On those days, I will just have to set my goal up a little more, and walk around the track a few more times. (Cindy)

In order to increase my steps this week I'm going to try and walk to a near by park every night after work to let my kids play. (Travis)