6 Kids Games that Burn More Calories than you Think


When playing with your children, you burn significantly more calories that you would if you were engaging in slower-paced activities. Here's a comparison of calories burned between six adult activities and six kids' games based on 30 minutes of the activity.


Elliptical Trainer - 182 calories
Stationary Rower - 219 calories
Downhill Skiing - 157 calories
Walking 3.5 mph - 157 calories
Mowing Lawn - 120 calories
Putting Away Groceries - 50 calories


Marco Polo in the Pool - 200 calories
Playground Games - 170 calories (hopscotch, 4-square, t-ball, etc.)
Casual Soccer Game - 204 calories
Jumping Rope - 238 calories
Roller Blading - 374 calories
Touch Football - 150 calories

So the next time your child ask you to go out and play, you should take them up on the offer. It will be heart healthy, fun and memorable. So get out and play!