Utah Moms Share How They LiVe Well and Feel Healthy


Sheri L.

"In the past I have typically dreaded exercise. I have struggled with constantly feeling fatigued, and that fatigue made me want to avoid being active. However, since starting the My Heart Challenge, I have come to look forward to the exercising. I have found that moderate-intensity exercising makes me feel good in several different ways…. The challenge has been nice because it has given me new exercises to try and has even motivated me to take swimming lessons for the first time in my life."

Kimberly V.

"The My Heart Challenge has been a lot of fun, but not without its challenges. The biggest challenge for me has been trying to not let the numbers on the scale discourage me. Weight loss has been slow, but I can tell I’m getting stronger. My overall mindset has changed, and I believe THAT to be the biggest success I could ask for. I’ve been happier, more active and more adventurous."

Amy H.

"My biggest success was being able to complete in 18+ mile pioneer trek last week without feeling overly exerted or out of breath – even during the harder parts. In the past, when I have gone walking or hiking, I would have a hard time breathing as I would go up hills. This week I was able to complete this very physically demanding trail and keep pace with everyone. I didn’t feel out of shape."

Molly D.

"One major epiphany I had recently came in the form of a realization that I can push through mild fatigue – that feeling of drudging through the day, unmotivated and sluggish – by getting out the door early for my run. Because regardless of how I feel before, I will invariably feel refreshed and satisfied to have locked in the run before most people start kicking off their covers."

You can access the same weekly exercise and nutrition tips as the 40 Play at Home contestants by visiting the My Heart Challenge blog.

Regular updates are also shared on Intermountain Medical Center’s Facebook page.

The contestants in My Heart Challenge are spending 100 days working to become more fit and heart-healthy. In addition to the 40 play-at-home contestants, another 15 moms — who were selected from more than 750 applicants — are participating in the live challenge by working with experts from the Intermountain Heart Institute to learn long-term lifestyle strategies that will help them maintain optimal weight, eat healthy, be fit and active, and manage their stress. They represent the spectrum and diversity of mothers found throughout Utah: young moms with young families, older moms with high school and college-age children, single moms, stay-at-home moms, and working moms.