Summer Reading With A Splash


While summertime is so much fun for being outside, taking vacations, and playing the long days away, it can be hard for kids to retain their reading level if they haven’t stayed up on it during the off season. Below are some tips to help keep reading fun for your kids, and keep it fresh and flexible for you parents too!

  • Reconnect with your Library
​Be honest: When was the last time you or your child checked out a book from the Library? Remove the headache for you AND your pocketbook.  Let the Library’s summer reading program provide the books, motivation, and follow through! (See your local library for details.)
  • Look at the accessibility of your books
Put some books by your favorite chair, by your kids’ most used toilet; on their nightstand… maybe take the toys out of their rooms for the summer so that the only entertainment available at bedtime is reading.
  • Use technology to your advantage
Kindle and Amazon have free kids books all the time! Delete the mindless games on your tablet for a few months, and make sure that the available games and activities require your child to intellectually engage.
  • Set a Timer
For kids that find reading difficult or would rather be outside, they’re going to need a structured setting, and finite time to accomplish their goal. Start small and increase as their tolerance does. Consistency will be the key for this one!
  • Make it a family affair!
​​Choose a book to get through together this summer!  Find a time each night to settle in and read it out loud together!

Whatever you choose, your efforts will be well spent when your kids have to get back to the books full time! Have a fun summer, and happy reading!