Expectant Mothers Have Many Birthing Options to Meet Their Needs


The circumstances surrounding how your baby makes his or her entrance into this world is something that you will remember for a very long time. We, the nurses and physicians at Logan Regional Hospital, want to help you make this experience one that you will remember as a time of warmth, caring, and satisfaction. We want to help you achieve the birth experience that you envision. Every expectant mother has a different version of her ideal birth experience. Some want it virtually pain free and desire an epidural as soon as possible. Others want to be actively involved in managing their own pain and labor and choose to deliver without pharmacologic interventions- they prefer a “natural” birth. Many of those attend Lamaze or hypnobirthing classes to learn how to manage their labor and delivery experience. The staff at Logan Regional Hospital is prepared and looking forward to helping all expectant moms and supporting them in having the delivery experience they desire.


We pride ourselves in our family-centered care. In addition to caring for the mom and baby, we try to help your support person feel welcome and at ease, too. We want your support person to take an active part in decision making and feel informed and involved throughout the labor, delivery, and postpartum experience. In order to facilitate that, we provide space for dads or other support person to sleep in the room with mom and the new baby. Family-centered care provides the best opportunity for both the mom and dad for bonding with the newborn and learning how to care for the new baby. The nursing staff is eager to help you become more comfortable with the skills needed to care for and feed your newborn baby.


You will see our dedication to family-centered care right after the birth of your baby as we introduce you to skin-to-skin care. This practice helps the baby transition to life out of the womb in a loving and caring environment. It helps to stabilize the infant’s breathing, blood sugars, and temperature. The mom will feel more relaxed and calm having her newborn right on her chest. We perform most infant cares in the mom’s room so that you can be involved in every aspect of care. The baby’s first bath takes place in the mom’s room so that mom does not feel excluded. In addition, we have an excellent lactation program to help you in providing the best nutrition for your newborn and help you feel confident in feeding your baby.


We truly want to help you have a positive experience and a happy memory of the birth of your baby. If there is anything that we can do to help you have that type of experience, don’t hesitate to ask. Congratulations on the birth of your baby and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.