3 Tech Toys for Mom


Check out these four devices that will bring the techie out of any mom:


1. Hubble Connected: Hubble offers several connected devices to make your nursery the coolest one on the block. "Connected" baby scales, humidifiers, and sound and light projectors promise to give moms more information about their babies. All these devices connect via wi-fi to smartphone apps that track babies' growth patterns and operate remotely.


2. Smart Thermometer: The Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer has received a lot of coverage at CES.  The thermometer has 16 sensors to make measuring fast and accurate. This is a huge benefit when you're trying to take your kiddie's temperature while they sleep. You can connect to an app to track family history.


3. Code Catepillar: Fisher-Price is making coding fun for all ages. Their Code Catepilar teaches three to eight year olds to code with programmable caterpillar "segments" that can operate independently. Each segment can be made to move straight, turn right and left, and play a song. This little guy can be great fun for the family to learn and play together.   


4. 360 Camera by Giroptic: A 360 degree HD camera might sound excessive for a baby room, but this little camera is impressive. This surveillance camera can be inserted into a light bulb adapter in any room to keep up with the kiddies. Bonus feature is this little guy can be taken anywhere - vacation, sitters, and family activities with any device playback.


These are just a few devices at CES to help moms let their inner tech-geek out.